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Why purpose

The value of purpose.

Purpose is one of the most powerful business concepts, since it comprises both the goal and the why. Businesses are prioritizing purpose-driven strategies, because it helps them to outperform the rest of the markets.

    Higher performance

    Companies with a strong sense of purpose routinely outperform competitors that lack one.

    Increased Loyalty

    Purpose at work makes for happier employees. More loyal, more likely to go the extra mile, and less likely to leave.

    More Opportunities

    Companies build purpose-driven communities because they recognize emerging opportunities earlier for a competitive advantage.

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What we do


    Good businesses are built on good foundations. We invest in new ventures to build a culture and a philosophy that runs from top to bottom.


    We help our investment companies set up their legal and financial structures, so it's fit for purpose.


    Scaling is an art. Towards what and how fast is key. Hence, we connect this always to the purpose of the company.

‘Why’ is the fundamental human question. It's a search for meaning. We invest in ventures and guide them beyond profit towards a sustainable philosophy that's driven by why.

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