Team Value & Purpose - Robert Wijers Dennis Broek

“The way we have developed the capitalist systems so far has brought us material prosperity, but too often focuses only on economic parameters. The capitalistic system of the future should rise above pure financial gains by prioritizing the creation of shared value. Making this the centre of business models. At V&P, we believe we can be advocates for this transition because we see it as our obligation to focus our attention and efforts to what must grow now. We therefore invest in new and meaningful companies and projects with a broad vision on shared value creation in order to balance the scale. “

– Robert & Dennis
Founding partners

Building the new

V&P is building the new by creating present value with the purpose of making meaningful impact



Our heart lies in building new and meaningful companies. We work with an open-ended funds structure which at its core means that with every investment we do we use capital from parties that have a shared passion for the vision and mission of the company itself. Hereby, we create an alignment of incentives so that co-investors spend their time and network on improving the success changes of our investments and not just hand over their money.  We believe that the most direct way to add value to companies is investing our most valuable common asset: time.

Value & Purpose - Building the new - Advisory & Investments



Organizations that want to implement a sustainable earnings and business model have come to the right place at Value & Purpose Projects. That’s what we do and what drives us. We have extensive project management experience at several large companies, both nationally and internationally. Thanks to our experience and expertise we can achieve the desired results by designing, building and implementing the projects that we believe create shared values. Together we Build the New!



The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new

– Socrates