Wesley van Dongen

Wesley’s career got off to a kickstart as he developed and globally implemented a game changing tool in manufacturing as graduate student at SABIC. SABIC thereafter created a position to keep him onboard as assistant financial controller for the Compounding and Chemical production plants for EMEA at SABIC Innovative Plastics. Wesley participated in a Global Manufacturing Finance Team developing his key skills on financial reporting, cost management, budgeting, modelling and data driving decision making.

Besides the focus on financial numbers and KPI’s, Wesley learned that the focus should also be broadened to social and ecological values. “Not everything that is measured can be expressed in financial numbers”. Focussing on multiple value creation also creates a support base for changes and (future) investments within organizations.

Wesley is known for applying structure and a solid foundation through a project-based approach. This leads to actions and activities that result in visible and tangible progress instead of getting stuck in making plans.