Arne Schmidt

Arne is a goal oriented and broadly interested individual who has proven to be successful in fast-paced and multilingual companies. He is a highly energetic commercial all-rounder and he likes to start up new projects from scratch and see them through to implementation. At the age of 16 he started his first company and since then, four other companies followed, varying from selling iPhone card cases to developing the world’s first mechanical milk dispenser system.

During his time at Mollie Payments, Arne determined the partner strategy for national and international growth, increased the revenue on Tier-1 clients and scaled the partnership team from 1 to 9 colleagues. He is highly effective in narrowing down complex decision and business making processes into small and clear next steps. With his persuasive communication skills and ‘can-do’ mentality, he is a true cross-functional motivator.
Arne participated in the Erasmus Honours Program during his bachelor Public Administration and holds a master degree in Entrepreneurship. He was selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) to write his master thesis on how to stimulate entrepreneurship in the space sector. For this, he moved to Paris for three months.

He lives by a simple motto: ‘’the only way to multiply happiness is to divide it.’’