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Rooy highlights

  • 11+
    Successfully validated client platforms
  • $5M
    Govt. grants reported for social & economic impact
  • 1M
    Successful impact reports

Project story

We’ve improved Rooy operations in two key areas:

1. Product marketing

We turned Rooy’s attention to getting more funding for not-for-profit ventures. Not-for-profits are already impact oriented, making them a perfect match for Rooy’s services.

2. Operational excellence

Downsizing the team brought new focus and increased Rooy’s profitability.

A management change re-energised the team and brought through new talent to develop the company.

What is Rooy?

Rooy is an end-to-end solution that measures, reports and grows an organisation’s impact. It’s part measurement tool, part support service that managers, marketeers and fundraisers use to  demonstrate value to key stakeholders in any business.

Rooy provides up to date company data to build transparency, drive decision making and accelerate grant or funding requests. The team wants to change how organisations measure and communicate their impact, subsequently increasing business awareness on the importance of finding value in purpose.

We began working with Rooy at the pre-revenue phase, providing all three services to help Rooy define its product and bring clarity to its go to market strategy. Today the tech solution is up and running and Rooy is servicing numerous clients in its native Australia.

The future

The future vision is to build more clients in the home market whilst further optimising the complete end-to-end impact measurement solution. With a solid base and stable monthly revenue Rooy will scale up and expand into the EU market.


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