Investment & Advisory firm

Value and Purpose invests in, structures, and scales purpose-driven seed stage companies.

What we do

Our venture support.

We invest in B2B tech businesses that focus on the acceleration of transitioning multinationals and scale ups towards the future of work, by helping them implement its standards thought their service offering. We invest preferably as lead investor, in Seed/Series A stage rounds.

We are stewards of capital. Pooling resources to support impactful companies to realise their future of work vision.

But we’re proactive with our investments. We add value with additional advisory and leadership services.


With our advisory branch we help great leaders to stay mission aligned and create a sustainable business structure.


Our leadership branch can step in as interim leaders to help the team create value and set up the company for sustainable growth.

Value & Purpose Grid

Added Value

Together with the ventures we then implement the V&P Grid and grow the business. Our tested approach to support visionary companies with business architecture including financial and legal structuring and operating procedures.

Clarifying the product-market fit

Simplicity in business model architecture

Actionable data for enhanced decision making

Robust and scalable back-end processes

Pay off

Value & Purpose Grid effects

Lower Failure rates

Failure rates of our portfolio companies decrease from 66% to 15%.

Mutiple exit Strategy

IPO, M&A, selling the equity back to the company via management buy-out

Operational Excellence

Scalable team setup, more reliable projections and focussed business model

Efficient Implementation

Only about 5% of the invested capital is needed to implement the grid

Our focus

We invest in the Future of Work to maximize its social impact.

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