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A culture doesn't come from nothing. It takes leadership and direction. We introduce business stewards to build and maintain cultural shifts that lead to greater social impact and where it pays off to have a great character.


Our service

We take leadership on projects

In our leadership roles we focus on three key areas of any organisation:

1. Go to market

We optimise go to market strategy, making sure the product or service fits the market by telling the right story to the right people. Who will benefit from this product? Why will they buy it? What are their interests? Where are they looking? Answering these questions is the first step to successfully sending a product to market.

2. Operational excellence

We optimise team performance. Dividing responsibilities and building a culture of autonomy, freedom and accountability, we elevate teams to reach a level of operational excellence that drives impact.

3. Financial and legal tools

We implement operational financial and legal tools to manage and report required KPIs. Financial and legal systems should support purpose-driven strategy and provide healthy foundations, stable cash flow and organisational insights.

Adding value through purpose

Social impact is more valuable than any number on a screen. We'll help you create it.

  • We build and maintain cultural shifts.
  • Improve a venture's social impact.
  • Give context and clarity to operational decisions.
  • Keep the long-term vision in focus.
Value puprose

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

Lead Projects

Turning your vision

into reality.

How we add value

Principles for building a culture.

  • 01
    Find a purpose and keep to it.
  • 02
    Trust your team.
  • 03
    Be open and transparent at all levels.
  • 04
    Distribute profits fairly.

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