Greed is good?

Not in our book! Profit is great. But it's a means to an end. The real value comes from purpose and we invest in ventures that have a clear idea of what theirs is.


Our service

We invest to realize social impact

Investing money adds value, and we use this to fulfill and expand an organisation’s purpose. All of our investment projects are about finding a balance. We don’t own the money in our investment funds, it belongs to outside investors. Investors want profit in return for their investment, but we always make sure the investment also works in the service of the organisation.

We’re not here to squeeze as much profit from an organisation as possible, but instead we’re stewards of the investment fund. And the purpose of the fund is to enhance people's lives by improving their relationship with work.

The purpose of work

We choose investments based on social impact. We want to drive real change in people’s lives and to build a network of organisations that follow our philosophy.  The Netherlands is a leading country in social impact and we want to grow that community. We see the purpose of work to give people a sense of meaning and life security.

Seed investment

We invest €1-2 million into organisations. However we remain flexible to the needs of the project. Organisations can buy out our initial investments if they want to regain autonomy, based on pre-set conditions we openly discuss with you. And even if we would 'exit' we could stay connected through our advisory and leadership services if that benefits the impact.

Long-term investment

We invest for the future. Clarity of vision. Meaning and purpose. Social responsibility. These don't happen overnight you know.


Advice & leadership combined

When we invest we combine our advisory and leadership roles. Building long-term strategy, introducing cultural shifts and taking a lead role in the venture.

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Protect your autonomy

By implementing a multi-round investment strategy we can make sure we fuel the impact without the loss of your autonomy to run the business.

“The most profound act of corporate responsibility for any company today is to rewrite its corporate bylaws in order to redefine itself and then to live and work by it.”

Kate Raworth
Invest Projects

Turning your vision

into reality.

How we add value

We invest with a focus on social impact.

  • 01
    Attracting and retaining top talent.
  • 02
    Building happier, more motivated teams.
  • 03
    Improving business focus on impact and social responsibility.
  • 04
    Implement the future of work policies

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