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Project highlights

  • 200
    Students in 4 years
  • 75%
    Graduation rate
  • 100%
    Graduates helped to build a company

Project story

We’ve improved I AM College's operations in three key areas:

1. Go to market

We advised I AM College to stay focused on Amsterdam and the Dutch MBO schooling format, giving clearly defined parameters to its target audience. I AM College has a better understanding of who it’s trying to reach and how to reach them, leading to a more effective go to market strategy.

2. Operational excellence

Under our supervision, I AM College changed its team structure to create a new culture founded on cooperation and responsibility. 

3. Legal and financial operations

We introduced legal and financial tools and partnerships to streamline the organisation and improve company operations and governance.

What is I AM College?

I AM College is an Amsterdam-based institution enrolling students aged 16-22 to develop business, entrepreneurial and self-leadership skills. It gives graduates the required confidence and knowledge to start and successfully grow a business in today’s fluctuating economic landscape.

It was born from a belief that education excels when focusing on student strengths, not student scores, and the reality that no such college existed for up and coming entrepreneurs. The college puts heavy emphasis on fun and self-development within the educational system, and is growing a crop of talent to lead tomorrow’s business values.

We began collaborating with I AM College in their pre-revenue phase, using all of our three services - advise, lead, invest - to add value through a clearly defined purpose. Today the college is stronger than ever:

1. €1.5m stable revenue each year and growing.

2. Clearly defined go to market strategy.

3. A strong team of expert teachers.

4. Successful alumni.

The future

I AM College will grow its Amsterdam location to take 250+ students every year. From this solid base it will grow into new locations across the country to build a network of institutions that will foster the Netherlands’ business talent.


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