Impact the Future of Work as an investor

An investment portfolio that enhances people’s lives through improving their relationship with work.

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What we invest in


Venture capital such as equity or related instruments


Seed and Series A funding rounds

Ticket size

From €750.000 to €1.750.000



Our purpose

Reducing the purpose gap.

70% of all employees said that their sense of purpose is defined by their work.

But only 15% of frontline managers and employees live their purpose at work, while the same statistic for executives and upper management is 85%.

This huge gap asks for a new way of working, the future of work.

A record number of employees are quitting or thinking about doing so. Organizations that take the time to learn why—and act thoughtfully—will have an edge in attracting and retaining talent.”

McKinsey, Q3 2021

"There is a tremendous unrealized value from this new era of the future work."

DeloitteApril, 2022

The markets

In order to reach all employees, it is important to scale B2B tech companies on the market that have an employee first focus. Here you can see which markets of importance we have selected for our Future of Work Fund I.

Lifelong learning

Employee wellbeing and engagement

The gig economy

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Who we look for

Investment criteria

Curious to know whether you qualify for becoming part of our portfolio? We invest in social enterprises that at a minimum meet the following criteria:

Purpose-driven, Coachable founding team

You need to understand what you are doing and why. With purpose comes resilience, and we will need lots of it to be able to grow your impact. We have the ability to help you succeed, if you let us.

Sustainable B2B business model

Your social mission is at the very heart of your business model. This entails that the growth of your impact and the growth of your business always go hand in hand. Your B2B business model allows you to be sufficiently profitable, to sustain your activity in the long run, and offers exit opportunities.

Scalability & Impact

Your business concept and social impact are scalable, preferably internationally as well. Innovation is also an important criterion: your company needs to introduce a new approach or way of thinking, and thus, have the potential to bring about real, systemic change.

Governance & Product-market fit

You are still in control of your company; you have gotten to a sustainable annual recurring revenue level that support valuations that are sufficient to raise a Seed or Series A funding round. We believe in governance that is set up to ensure collaboration within the board and shareholder meetings. We aim to buy a 10 to 15% stake in your company to be able to support you through multiple future funding rounds.

Strong Team

Your team is entrepreneurial, impact-driven, open-minded, diverse and complementary.

Our Projects

Turning your vision into reality

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