Value & Purpose is an investment and project management company that has a broad vision on ‘return on investment’. It is our dream to use our experience from our former business careers to build the meaningful companies of the future. According to us, real wealth comes from having good relationships. We are proud of our founding principles and always act accordingly.


  • Driven by content, with a passion for people

    Choices are always driven by the content and context of the argumentation. We are curious about your opinion and always interact with each other based on mutual respect.

  • Take responsibility for your beliefs

    When we set out goals for the organization, everybody is encouraged to speak their mind. We decide together and are mutually responsible for the outcomes. After setting the goals, we steer all decisions in the agreed upon direction.

  • Trust as a building block

    Disagreeing with each other is crucial in any healthy cooperation. Only when there is enough mutual trust will this not impact our relationships.

  • Having fun is essential

    Fun ensures that we keep looking after each other in times when we need each other the most.

  • Grit makes the difference

    Grit is, on a personal level, one of the most determining factors for success. Passionately implementing a good idea is always better than implementing a fantastic idea poorly.

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